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Last year I purchased the 16 channel starter kit with the Advanced software upgrade.
This year I am a click away from purchasing 2 CCR's and I can't seem to find an answer to my question already in print. I've noticed the older I get the slower the brain works. :D

Even though the CCR's have a controller, does the CCR controller require one channel of the LOR1602W to operate in sync with the rest of the lights? :?

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Nope. Just connect it via CAT5 cable to your existing LOR network (which in this case would be the 1 controller.)

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Peta Trigwell wrote:

I too am for the first time trying to include 2 ccr's with my 1602w. Can I connect wireless from computer to 1602w, then wireless to ccr 1 and cat5 between ccr1 and ccr2? Will this configuration work :?:?

Yes, you will need the USB-485B adapter (notice the B, for Booster ) connected to your computer in order to power the first ELL.
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