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How to run a 4 minute show hourly?

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I'm doing a LOR project for a client. I built a 4 minute musical sequence and they want it to go off at 7PM, 8PM, and 9PM. They don't want it repeating. In between the sequence, they just want the regular Megatree lights to be on without any music.

I'm trying to think of the best way of doing this. Should I build one super long sequence that is an hour total? Should I build a show that has the 4 minute musical sequence and a 56 minute show with lights only sequence and schedule them one after the other? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thx!

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Create a show with 2 sequences in it. The 4 minute sequence, then a 56 minute static animation to light your tree. Load them both into the "Musical Sequences" tab and choose "Play in Order"

When you go to add the animation, you will have to change the "files of type" to animations or all files. When you're done, save it and open the schedule editor. Place your 1 hour show at each hour you want it to run and you will get the effect you are looking for.

I do something similar to this with my display. That way I can control how it plays a show and don't get any repeats unless I want it to.


PS, I don't know if you know it or not, but I used your mega as inspiration for mine... You have a great display, very nice!!!

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Actually, it's even easier.

Create your two shows, "lightshow" and "static" (or whatever).

In the scheduler, shedule "Lightshow" for the start of every hour, with a duration of *three* minutes (assuming your last sequence is more than a minute). The scheduler will let the show finish through the four minutes, and this will prevent it from repeating.

Then schedule the rest of the hour (e.g. 8:03 -9:00) to be "static".

This is a little easier than the above proposed solution, since you don't have to think about timings at all when sequencing.


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