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Ok, I have a confession to make....

This is my first year with LOR, and tonight was my first real show. I have been reading about "glitches" and thought, that will never happen to me... all of my test runs have been flawless.

Well... I had a few issues, my sign kept flickering and turning off and two elements of my display would not light up at all. I was thinking, "what the heck is going on here, I tested everything.... what could be wrong???"

I changed plugs, channels, and everything worked as expected, but when connected back it started going haywire again... To make a long story short, I had miss-assigned a couple of channels, duplicated my sign channel and eliminated two other channels.

Once I got the channels straightened out... Bam... everything worked flawlessly again!!! :waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool: WOO HOO

Thanks to Dan and everyone here my first night was a hit rain and all. A family from up the street drove by 3 times. :happytree:


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LOL , that reminds me once i had a channel stick that was driving me crazy. I found out i must of oops making the sequence by bumping the mouse and made a channel constantly on for 50 seconds. durrh. Hey there is a first time for all of us , I am one this year too.

Good Luck


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In my first show I had 4 channels not assigned, and 2 others crossed up. Only 2 assigned to the same channel. When I corrected it in the sequence, I had to disable shows, then enable shows again to get it to accept the changes. That was when I realized I had copied the bad channel config to all to all the other sequences long before I discovered the problem. I seems like it just snowballs if you don't catch it early on...:}


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