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Background Sequence Not Working Correctly

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I have a problem with my Background Sequence that has plagued me for the last 3 days:

I am trying to run 2 chanels of constant ON static lights in addition to a bowling sequence, consisting of 21 animated channels. The total time is 4:14:80, that I want to constantly repeat as long as the show is on. When the show first runs, the background sequence runs fine. The problem comes in when the background is supposed to repeat. The animated channels stay OFF while the 2 static ones stay ON. Please help, any advice would be appreciated.

I must add, that after reading some posts, there may be a conflict with having the same channels in both the background and musical sequences. I did have this situation, left over from when I converted the channels to strictly the background sequence. The channels were OFF in the musical sequence but I do not know if this was the problem, as I deleted them but did not have a chance to re-run the show due to the time. If run a show with only the background sequence, no musical sequences, it works fine, but not with the current show that has several musical sequences and the background sequence. Maybe someone has had this problem before...any advice would be appreciated as I have had many lookers but am embarassed by the bowling portion of the display being off.


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