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Successful show run.

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Tonight was the first succesful start of schedule and finish of schedule when there was no "operator error." Last night I tried to get it to work for the first official night, but instead of PM I had it set at AM, so I am very excited that it worked correctly with no problems. I had some people drive by tonight and stop and listen and some people early in the night were watching the show outside and I noticed 1 kid had a walkman, so I went down and talked to them and put a boom box out by the garage and put the volume up enough to be heard from the sidewalk on both sides of the street. That's going to be the plan until we get a lot of snow or it's pouring down rain, then the radio doesn't go out because of wetness and the fact that when it gets really cold here in Ohio, I don't think people will be walking outside to watch the lights, they will be in their warm cars!

Anyways, just wanted to say that after a lot of work these past few days, posts to all of you on what could be going wrong and many replies. I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of planet christmas who have helped with problems and especially the wonderful people at LOR that have made the software and hardware to make it all work. 16 channels working wonderfully!

once again THANK YOU!

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