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This may exist and I just don't know what it's called, but I have a couple channels (that have "falling" icicle lights and strobes) which I only want to be able to turn on or off - no twinkle, fades, shimmer, etc.

Is there a way to limit a channel so that the only options for it is either an "on" state or an "off" state?

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Until the firmware is released you can do the following.
1) Select the entire row of the channel that you want to be on/off only.
2) Select the "Foreground" tool.
3) Select "On"

What this will do is turn any cell in that row that has an event in it to "on". So, if you accidentally did a fade down on that channel, it would be converted to an "on" command.

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Jeff Millard wrote:

wbottomley wrote:
The new firmware will have that option when it's released.

Yeah, I recall Bob saying there will be an option to say anything from 0 to 49% = off and 50 to 100% = on or something similar. This feature has been on the wishlist for a while. Don's trick is the way to be sure you've avoided any effects other than on and off.


It's there in the software for version 3.0.0, but you also need an appropriate control (either a Gen3 controller or a pre-Gen3 with Gen3 firmware). I don't really know much about the hardware, so I don't even know if that hardware/firmware is out yet, but here's how you would do it from the software point of view, assuming you had appropriate hardware and firmware:


Check out the "Dimming Curves" section on that page.
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Guest wbottomley

Bob... I found that screen but it's hidden very well. Maybe the documentation needs updating. Go to hardware utility, click configure, in the lower right-hand side click advanced configuration.

That little booger is tucked away in a corner.

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