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Last nights show stopped RIGHT at 10:00

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OK, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that LOR would continue a show after your cutoff time until all the songs in that show were complete?

Last night, my show completed the active song that was playing at 10:00 then shut off.

Tonight, when my show kicked off at 5:30, it began, not at the show start, but at the next song I had in order from last night.

I am correct in saying that it should always start a show at the beginning and end a show at the end? It's not a big deal 1 way or the other but I found it odd.

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EasleyK wrote:

nope. finished a song last night.

started the next tonight.

i'm going to watch it again tonight to see if it happens again or just a fluke.

You don't have your songs set to random play do you?
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