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Board Dimensions for 8 ad 16 Channel controllers

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I am sure that it is listed somewhere but I just can't seem to find it.

I am looking for the dimensions of the 8 and 16 channel controller boards with the heatsinks installed.

If you have the dimensions of the boards without the heatsinks, that would be nice too.

I would also like to know just how HOT the heatsinks get. I know this is subjective since everyones load will be different, but let's assume a constant load of 20amps for each 8 channels (or basically max amps that the controllers can handle).

I am in the process of locating (or making) my own enclosures and worry about the materials that need to be used to prevent a possible fire hazard.

Thanks in advance,


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Not sure what the exact measurements are:

I used a metal sub panel, 4" deep, 12" high, 14" wide, mounted on stand offs, this left me plenty of room for wire, my big hands and air circulation (Cost $11.00 Home Depot), The cover is hinged and locks horizontally, perfect for the laptop to set on. I had to drill eighteen holes for wire and grommets. Looks sweet.

Heat, not even warm for me, but I don't max the amps either.

Hope this helps

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