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Tonight was my light-up, and when the show started I had to make a mad dash for my LOR PC...

I created a show for that was set to run for one hour this evening. I had three sequences in the musical section of the show, set to play in order, with 10 seconds in between.

I also added a musical sequence to the startup section. I originially had an animation sequence in startup, and during my testing earlier in the week, the startup sequence did not play. The show would always go to the first song in the muscial section. Tonight when the show started, the music from the startup component played, but the lights were going to the first sequence in the musical portion of the show.

My main nightly show does not have a startup sequence, but I may set up some special weekend sequences, a Christmas day sequence, etc., and may want to have a startup sequence.

Any ideas what I may have done wrong here?



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The easiest way to accomplish this is to create a one sequence show, and schedule it to run just before your main shows. Being that you don't want to run it but for special occasions, there shouldn't be to much programming to adjust.

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