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FRUSTRATED looking for help

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frustrated- seems as though i cant get anything to work. after busting my hump getting everything built in the last two weeks or so and sending lots of $$ on this computer controller and ELL stuff......i'm an idiot and cant seem to get anything to work. even as simnple as having the ligths come on while playing the sequence editor.

Bottom line- i am looking for someone that is well versed in this lor STUFF, is willing to give me some phone support. I am willing to pay for your time.

if you send me your number i'll call you or you can call me and just chrage me for the call.

I would really like to make something work.

thank you


york, pa


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Many people have posted step-by-step instructions which are very helpful.

You didn't say specifically what your problem is. When troubleshooting I start with the most basic uncomplicated arrangement and then add one item at a time to ensure everything remains working.

So, in your case, have you connected a single controller by cable (not ELL) to your computer and been able to control the lights?

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