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How Do I Load The ELL Firmware v.4? (resolved)

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Or better yet, point me to the instructions I'll bet I'm overlooking.

The neighbor's reactions during testing last night was pretty rewarding, BTW. :waycool:I don't think they were bothered at all by the random glitches I'm now trying to cure if I can.

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Well, you need to go into the hardware utility, and select 'firmware' from the bottom of the page.

I'll bet the LOR Support page will have documentation which will tell you how to update them.

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Hi Dave,

This is one place where we can't say "RTFM". It's just not there for updating the firmware...

  • Make sure you've got the latest hardware utility--version 1.5.10
  • Plug one of your ELL boxes directly into the USB-RS485 converter, and remove anything else if it's connected.
  • Fire-up the hardware utility and make sure it sees the ELL by checking its status on the "LOR RF" tab. You should see stuff in the "Current Device Parameters" box. Mine starts with: "mfr=Light-O-Rama,Inc"... In there, you'll see the current firmware version right after the serial number and before the speed. It starts with "ver=".
  • Go back to the "LOR Control" tab and click the "Firmware" button at the bottom.
  • Check "Wireless Unit", then click the "Open" button to grab the firmware file you downloaded.
  • Once you've got the firmware file selected, click the "Download" button. It'll change to "Cancel"... don't click it!
  • While it's doing its thing, you'll see the status change to "Loading" and eventually, "Successful". Once you see that, you're done with that ELL.
  • Unplug that one and do any others you may have.
  • Double-check the version number in the "LOR RF" tab just to be sure. It should be "ver=2.8" if it worked ok.

All the "glitchiness" from the old version is gone now. I don't have mine "miss" any commands any longer and I also seem to get slightly better range and overall reliability too.

Good luck!

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Thank you, Texas. Worked like a charm, and I'm not quite experienced enough to have figured it out without the initial hand-holding. But I'm getting there.

What a great community we have here!

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