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I just had to let everyone know I am up and running. Yes I am proud! As a new b I was soooooo worried that I would blow something up,well after a test run it works....got 16 channels up , ramsey 30b fm transmitter, and 6 songs plus some radio voiceovers by the demented elf....all my neighbors are looking forward to the street show tomorrow night, kind of a premire for everyone. I will post pix soon...looking forward to seeing everyone elses shows....

Steven N Azusa!!!!

Proud New B....

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Hello Steven

Congratulations, I’m also a new b. It really is a good feeling when everything comes together. I have one more string to put up on my neighbors house Thursday and I will be ready for Friday night opening also.
I'm hoping to have some videos ready soon also.

Good Luck

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Newbie here too, got 16 channels and 8 sequences, made a sign, and re-did all of the broken wireframes. tomarrow it's supposted to be 70 so I will finish up. Whew, wow I'm ready for some turkey and a countdown.lol

hope everyones display is going smoothly.


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