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You know your a lor user when....

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Guest Don Gillespie

DonFL wrote:

when your wife says for the millionth time "do you think you'll be able to ever park your car in your side of the garage again?"...and you try to politely say that the car can stay outside, so the lights, etc are well protected inside....

+1 how true
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Geoff Harvey wrote:

When your annual holiday consists of going to group meetings with other lights enthusiasts also infected with C.L.A.P. aka 'Christmas Light Addiction Problem'

Sounds like a bad disease, but is spreading more an more, and faster each year.

Currently there in no known Cure for the C.L.A.P. but it gains strength the closer we get to Christmas

There are many support groups, LOR forums being the main one for LOR users.
that is definiatley the post of the week!!! C.L.A.P.!! gotta love it!!
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When, no matter what time of the year, every visit to the hardware store becomes a brain storming session for new items for your display.
“All I need is a washer for the facet. Oh look, those PVC pipes would work well for another tree.”
“Let’s go and get the plants for the garden. Wow, those tomato cages are a great price and I can use them this year for a new set of mini trees.”
“I need to get post to repair the fence. Hmm, I could use that chicken wire to hold up some forms for the lights.”

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Jeff Millard wrote:

...when you check this thread every day to see just how many of the posts reflect right back at you! (PS... pretty much all of them...) :D


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When you know the price/foot for extension cords at every store for 30 miles around.

When your wife says you work harder to turn the lights on than to turn her on.

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When it is getting late in the night, and the choice is between sex and LOR, and you actually have to think for a minute...

...then you wonder if you could do both at the same time


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