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Will 2 USB485B work with my setup?

CLD Kevin

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Just want to confirm....will I be able to control the following with 2 USB485B:

6 - CCRs (150 ch ea - no marco)

4 - DC controllers (16 ch ea)

4 - AC controllers (16 ch ea)

1 - iDMX (using 100 chs of the 512)

I figure I would use 4 CCR together on "Regular" network and the remaining on "Aux A". The "Reg" Network will equal to 600 channels and "Aux A" equals to 528 channels. Total channels 1128.

Or should I get third USB485B?

Also, should I change my Network Pref for the apater to Short Range (Faster) or leave it Average? The CCRs controllers are within 100ft. The rest about 60ft.


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Nothing? Sorry fellas...and ladies for the rush, but I'm going to start setting up next week for Halloween and if I need a 3rd USB485, I need to order today!!

I think I will be okay with just 2. I ran a test with the 4 CCRs on one dongle and didnt see any problems. I read that I shouldn't use more than 6 CCRs on one network (800 channels), but go with 4 to be safe. With that logic, I'm well under on both.

Also should I set the Network Preference to Short Ranch (Faster)?


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Just fyi, I had to call LoR because I'm having to get 9 CCRs for my roofline, and Dan told me that you can have 6 CCRs per dongle. Anymore than 6 is too much information per USB.

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