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Existing vs Recent sequences

Mark Porter

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I'm sure this has been a subject that's been beaten to death prior but here goes...

I've downloaded (read that 'swiped') some new sequences, bought the mp3's and done some editing to get them working together. So far, so good. Now that I have them... How do I get these new sequences into the 'existing sequences' vs where they are now which is 'recent sequences'?

I'd like to be able to use the 'show builder' function (the easy one) to make up my show but...

I have 32 channels, a new 100 amp subpanel and a desire to REALLY [Foul Language Used] off the neighbors.

Thank you!

*backing away from the keyboard as I know this is going to hurt*

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Unless I missed something in the past, I've never heard or seen a folder called Recent and Existing sequences. Usually sequences are put in the Sequence folder that LOR originally installed on the C: drive. I on the other hand create a folder on my desktop and save my sequences there. Then when I want to edit a sequence or want to build a show (from the Show Builder), I go to that folder on the desktop and click to add.

If it's just a matter of moving a sequence to another folder, just cut and paste and make sure you open the sequence and add the audio to the new path so it will play.

Did I miss something in your question?

Just trying to figure it out and help.


Edit: Oh, and welcome to the forum (even though you've been a member since 2010)

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Hey Mark -

If I understand correctly, you have a sequence that you downloaded to a folder somewhere. That's the physical file in some location on your hard drive. To open it, you had to navigate to that folder and select that file. When you do that, it puts a pointer to that file in the "recent sequences" list in LOR. This explains why it is in recent sequences, and not in "existing sequences".

The "existing sequences" list points to the folder called sequences, and lists all of the sequence files (.lms and .las, if I remember correctly) that are in there. So, what you need to do is to move the file from where you downloaded it to, to the folder where all the rest of your sequences are stored. Should be relatively straight forward if you know how to move a file in Windows...



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In addition to the suggestion to move the file to your Sequences folder, you can also open the file from where it is, using the Existing tab, by navigating to the folder it is in. The Existing tab allows you to change the directory it is looking in.

It may be more convenient to move the file, though, as the Existing tab always defaults to looking in the Sequences folder.

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