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After 1 Year of prep....Success!

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Woooo! Hooooo!

I finished connecting all my extension cords, connected my 3 controllers together, tested each channel individually and tried a few seuquences. Success!

It was so good to see my lights in action. I performed a quick run last night to see how things were going. I had many issues through the year long process but I'm glad the hard part is over.

Now it's off to tweak/finish/start more sequences now that the display is setup. I don't plan on running a regular show until Friday night when I hope to have 4 songs ready to go (3 done with some needed tweaks and 1 almost complete). After that, I have at least 2 more sequences to work on that I haven't started. Since I'm out of town next week for business, I will have time in the evening to work on them.

Now I can sit back and see the neighboors reactions.

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Same here!

I test my one and only controller last night.

I standing in the middle of the street, jumping up and down, shouting! :laughing:

I was going crazy!

I had worked so hard for so long that I couldn't help myself!

Wow! What a feelin'!

Michael B

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