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White and/or blue LED on white cord

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I'm dizzy from looking at all the different sites and hoping someone might be able to help me find what I need with a good price and quality. Unfortunately Paul/CDI doesn't carry what I need.

I am looking for C6 or G12 LED Cool White bulbs on white cord. I need the count between 70-100. I'll need the same with blue bulbs too.
It seems full wave and professional grade is the way to go but white cord seems to be rare and expensive.

Full wave should allow me to fade if I understand correctly (feel free to correct me on that)

Thanks in advance for your help


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Thanks Jim! I think I looked at too many sites and forgot to go back to those. I was hoping for more bulbs to a string but I can always double up if needed.
Thanks again, you guys (and gals) are always a HUGE help.

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