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MC-Ps Ver 1.0 - Firmware Update? (Possible ELL question also)

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I have one unit (and probably a second when I check it) with this level of firmware ... is there an update?

I tried using the GREEN update but it did proceed past Status: Starting Load and Activity: Grabbing Unit

This was the only controller connected by data cable using the USB485 connector.

(Side note: The reason I was updating the firmware is that using the ELL it seemed the controller was missing some of the commands (and they were progressively more jumbled with controllers further down the line).

Thanks .. Rick

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Hi Rick,

There is no boot loader on an MCP card, so you can't change the firmware.

With your ELLs, connect them one at a time to the PC and click the LOR RF tab. Get the current configuration and make sure it's the same for both ELLs. Also, there are problems with ELL firmware versions prior to 2.8. Look in the current parameters window for "ver=2.8," if you don't have this, get the latest Hardware Utility and RF-V4 (ELL) firmware from www.lightorama.com -> Support.

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