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CCR sequences


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I've got 2 CCR's that I used last year. I incorporated them into some of my songs, but still need to do a few more. here are the ones I've got.

Carol of the Bells - David Foster
Jingle Bells - Kay Thompson
Mad Russian Christmas
First Snow
Christmas Eve in Sarajevo
Winter Wonderland - Jason Mraz

I'm looking for:
Deck the Halls - Mannheim Steamrollers
Silent Night - Mannheim Steamrollers
Whats This - Nightmare Before Christmas
Mr. Grinch
Where are you Christmas - Faith Hill
Wish Listz
Queen of the Winter Night

I'm happy to share what I have, would appreciate help with the CCR's. Thanks.

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I can be no help to you unfortunately, but I am getting one CCR this year and have no idea how to sequence them yet. Do you think there is anyway that I can get your Christmas Eve in Sarajevo sequence?
I will certainly be willing to share others once I learn how to do the CCRs but getting one to start would be a HUGE help.


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Glad to see a fellow Alabamian on here. I would love to get a few sequences. I am new to the CCRs this year. I bought three last week in the sale. I am having a hard time as well right now with the programming. I would love if you could PM me your address so I could make plans to bring the family out this year while we make our yearly light tours out in Huntsville.

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I'm new to the world of CCRs too, but since you can do almost anything with these things, I think it would be helpful to everyone if you asked for sequence examples for a CCR that is configured as (fill in the blank)
Getting a sequence for a CCR that is in a circle would not help you if you are planning on making it into 2 arches, ect.

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We need a ONLINE CLASS CCR's for dumbies. LOL. IM also one of them. Not adding CCR's this year. next year wanting to buy 10.

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