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Telescoping Flag Poles


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someone had posted a link to a site that did Telescoping Flag Poles. I have a Sunsetter that is a POS, want to look at something a bit more rigid with a thicker wall.

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Bret LeFevre wrote:

I used these people for my 20ft Telescoping flagpole. It worked great last year.

I looked at one of your 2010 videos to see your 20 ft flag pole. It looks like it has red spiral and green mega lights. How many strings/bulbs total?

Did you have any problems at all? I thought I have seen many posts on the forum about telescoping flag poles not working well, because they get weaker near the top under the weight of all the lights.

Did you limit the number of lights to avoid any problems? Do you think the flagpole could withstand the weight of even more lights?
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