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Newb to LOR. How to run show

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Last night after getting my first 16 channel LOR board wired in and tested I created a sequence on the first 4 channels of the LOR and palyed with that for a while.

I then put this into a show and then tried to program the show to run. The show did not run and I am not sure why?

Can someone run through how to program and run a show at a certain time every night?


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I did exactly this but it did not run. that is why I am not sure what I am missing.

Do I have to leave any LOR windows open?

Yesterday I was having problems with my sequence editor not controlling my lights, fixed that by changing the COM to COM3 (USB). So now I am not sure what else I am missing here.

Thanks Guys!

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So am I only missing to right click on the LOR icon in the system tray and enable the show?

If I double click on it right now it says disabled.

I can't even tell you how much it stinks that I can't get DSL or cable modem at my new house... LOR is at home and internet is at work...


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