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Post a picture of your Animation Window in LOR

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I always like to see how people set up their animation windows. Please post a screen shot of your animation window and how many channels you have. Feel free to explain anything that does not quite make sense.

I will go first.


80 Channels

It may look like a 3D-Photo but almost every single thing in my display has Red, Green, and White Lights. The trees that are "grouped" together are really only one tree but since only one color can take up one space, I sort of overlapped them together.

The smashed turtle looking thing is my Megatree (always hard to draw this in LOR)

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64 channels. Yet very simple.

EDIT: Aqua dots represent the snowflake projector. The star and the word "SNOW" are 3-channel devices each. Most elements on the house have a blue and a white channel.

Attached files 86760=5212-anim.jpg

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RichardH wrote:

Hey Ron

That is pretty cool. I didn't know you could do different angles with Vixen. I bet that is very useful!

It is nice ,first i place the image of house set the pixel level i want, then trace and number the channels this one is at 2 pixels yours would be the equivlent of my 8 pixels
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Thanks for the help. Here is mine.

31515583349.jpgClick to enlarge

It is 48 channels, The white and blue blocks at the top are icicle lights, The green blocks are C7 multis, the purple ovals are angel blowmolds, the triangle is 15 white mini trees, the yellow figure is a 6' wireframe angel blowing a horn, the yellow star and teal cross are my nativity, the multi color blob is my 4 color 16 channel mega tree with strobes, the colored dots around the tree are 32 jumbo stake lights that look like C7s in 4 colors, the FM is my sign made out of multi LEDs, the big snowflake is the star for my mega tree, the 3 smaller snowflakes are three bushes with white net lights and finally, the random white dots are my snow flurries light box.

Edit:first pic was too tiny.

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Great idea. Here is my house in 16 glorious channels!:waycool:

The gray is my "outline" channel and is the rough shape of the house. The GRW vertical "line" are the rope lights wrapping the column. The GR lines along the edges are just 2 channels along the fence and yard (hope to add White and Blue next year). The small White tree-looking things are actually 3 10" spiral trees ea. Always knew I could do more with them than just let them sit.:laughing:

My mini-mega tree is maybe not up to par with others...but it's my first year. 8 foot tall. 900 lights. GRW strands with a star on top. No "slices" this year. Maybe next.

Finally, I had to compromise on the windows. Both upstairs windows are just 2 channels - 1=R 1=G so both windows will be the same color when "on". Similar on the downstairs. Icicles over the garage and White on the window. Would have liked to make them all separate...but there's always next year!


Attached files 86874=5227-Christmas06AnimationDisplay-thumb.jpg

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Ok, here is mine. The trees, bells, canes, and blue lines (stars) are all on the roof. The rest is on the ground. Static lights will go out during the show, then back on for the breaks.

Attached files 87045=5251-LOR Animation.GIF

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