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0. This is the LOR Software Forum. When possible, please use the sub-forums so that others can find the information they are looking for easier. For example, if you are using the original S1 software, then please ask your question in the S1 forum. If you have a general question about the LOR Software, but don't know which section to post it in, then please go ahead and post it here.

1.  Any sales questions or order status inquiries for products should be emailed to info@lightorama.com.  You can also call 518-539-9000 during normal business hours.

2.  This forum is monitored by Light-O-Rama personnel.

3.  You always have the option of contacting LOR support. A support ticket can be filled out at http://lightorama.com/support.

4.  Don't forget the http://www.lightorama.com website.  It's a wealth of knowledge.

5.  The Light-O-Rama forum is a family friendly environment.

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