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LOR 1602W - Channel #14 (of 16) stuck at minimum 10-11% on

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Dan or somebody?

I've got an LOR 1602W [v4.01 firmware, blue board]. I was doing a dry run, and someone asked me why mini-tree #14 [channel #14 out of 16] never went off. Sure enough, after some playing around, I see that it always has a minimum brightness of 10-11%.

I tried to reset the controller ID to 00, power cycle the LOR. Quick flashes on the internal LED. Went ahead and power cycled the PC for fun. Set LOR id to 04. Power cycled the LOR. Regular flashes on the internal LED. Channel #14 was blank as normal.

Played a few songs [via actual show], came back later, noticed that channel was partially on again when it should be off. Did the reset routine again. This time around, when I powered back on, channel #14 was mostly stuck on. Occasionally it would fade off for a brief moment then come back. Seems to be regularly on now.

Load on all channels has (two months or so) been a single full wave LED set. No other related symptoms on other channels, except for some light shimmer that happens the same on all channels at low voltages. Now as I write all of this (and the LOR sat idle), channel #14 finally turned off.

I just started a show. At the end of the first song, the channel was approx 5% on at all times. A few more songs later, back to 10%.

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Have you tried to add a little more load to that channel to see if that pulls it down?

That would tell you if it was the triac being just a little "leaky" with the small load of the LEDs

Just throwing an idea out...

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terrypowerz wrote:

Have you tried to add a little more load to that channel to see if that pulls it down?

I replaced the LED strand with 3 LED spots from Action Lighting. I didn't see the problem. I went back to the strand of LEDs. I'm not seeing the problem.

Temporary problem, or temporary solution, or... ?
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It may be that the load of your strand of LEDs may be right on the edge of the rating of the triac that dictates the minimum load needed to make the triac function correctly.
I fought a problem earlier this fall with some triacs on boards I had built and I had used triacs that had an "Ihold" rating of .4 amps which would be the minimum amount of load that I should have on them for them to work correctly.
With one 100ct strand of minis .34 amps, most of the channels worked OK but one or two would "hang" on fades a bit. The reason was that the manufacturers parts are a tad bit better than their own specs so most of the triacs worked.. but one or 2 were closer to the spec so they showed the problem.
With a 10ct of minis (skull lights) they would act almost exactly like you are describing. (be on at a very dim level at times when they should be off...occasional flicker, etc.) Adding some additional lights load to that channel made evrything straighten up and work right.
I also noticed that if I ran the controls for a while and heated the triacs up a bit that the couple of triacs that were closer to their spec would start working correctly!:shock:
(Specs change with temperature... "Ihold" goes down with a rise in temperature)
So my guess is that your solution probably may be temporary...
The real "fix" is to add a bit more load per channel and I bet you don't have another problem.:D
Just my 2 cents!
Hope this helps!

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