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Backup, Backup, Backup!

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Guest wbottomley

No... it's not what you think. I have all of my audio & sequences backup in multiple places and on different drives.

But, the purpose of this thread is this. Do you have a backup transmitter, PC, or director card?

Would your show stop if your transmitter died? How about that PC or director card.

I have a main transmitter & backup transmitter both program to the same frequency just in case one decides to take a nap. Also, I have a show director card and mini director card in case the PC decides to take one too.

Below is an image of everything combined into one enclosure.

With a little tidying up and making a few more connections, it's almost completed.

It's just a random thought of a failsafe mode. Especially for large displays.

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You are slick Willy! I now have a new mini director mp3.So I'm covered there. I do not have a back up fm transmitter though and considered it in the past. I also have a back up controller and pc to run if I had to.

Anyway, great thought and will get some people thinking about a back up plan in the event of an issue.


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Got a couple spare controllers AC & DC, spare transmitter and a mini director all ready to go.

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One of these days I do plan to get a back up controller and transmitter. Last year if the radio were to die on me I'm sure people would be pounding on my door.

But I'm not there yet. Still spending money on actual lights and controllers.

I'm hoping to win the LOR contest for my backup controller.

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