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Changing numbers 1-50 to 50-1

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OK, so here's the set-up. Four eight foot arches utilizing two CCR's to create two arches each (CCR1 = Arch 1&2, CCR2 = Arch 3&4). I have a control box I want to mount between Arch 2&3 to keep all of the wires nice and protected. I didn't think about this however before beginning the sequencing aspect of these. Now that I have several sequences done, I've realized I need to change the positioning.

Essentially I have 1-50 and then 1-50 when I need 50-1 and then 1-50 so that the box can be in the middle. If I do that though, all my chases and several other sequencing elements will be off. Is there anything I can do to change the pixel IDs or something to make this happen without a lot of resequencing or leaving the CCR wires open to the elements?

I've attached a crude drawing of the set-up I'm looking for.

Attached files 248465=13493-CCR Issue.JPG

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jimswinder wrote:

I'd have to download it and try it out. So, essentially I could just highlight the entire sequence range and save it to the clipboard. I'd name it. Then inport it into Bob's program, flip it and rename it. Then take it off the clipboard and paste it over the original sequence?

I'll of course save the original full sequence with a different name in case of catastrophic failure. Is there a limit to the number of channels or time that can be utilized with Bob's Flip Tool? Thanks in advance!
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