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CCR Leaping Arches


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Another novice checking in. Last year I had a single controller with 1 CCR. This year I'll going with 2 controllers and 3 CCRs. I've seen all the videos with the leaping arches and I really like them. I plan on trying to do six 8 ft arches using 3 CCRs based on the discussions I saw in a different thread.

The question is would anyone have any example sequences they would be able to share for something along this line?

To make a short story long with a kid due in August, my time to do any real sequencing this year is going to disappear rapidly and any help would be mucho appreciated.

Mike A. :P

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Here is a sample what you can possibly do with the new S3 software. This was done using Superstarlights software which is now owned by LOR. This is a screen capture only. I have done this using the 24 CCR setup also and only took me about 5 minutes to complete. Each CCR was doing something different in the 24 CCR sequence. I would post that one but the action is to much for the screen capture software to keep up with the action.

Go to my video page and look at some of my 2010 videos using 4 CCR's in circles, all using the SSL software.
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