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Pirates of the Carribbean Halloween

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I thank you John!! 'twoz wonderful ta meet ya olso! 'realized afta' I shudda 'ad ya in fer some rum! Terrific chat we 'ad.. yer Caroline 'tis a lovely wench! Keep ta th' Code an' she shall olways treat ya well, savvy? Um, you would naught be in th' market fer a slightly used pirate ship, would ya? pirate-smiley.jpg

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olright ya swabs, 'ere be me firs' video o' th' Pearl runnin'.. shot wit' me DroidX.. th' dvd camera be still chargin'..

I ABSOLUTELY could naught 'ave done this without Lenny! These Light Ruel, indeed be a true statement!!

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I had the privilege of seeing the Pearl last night, and a fine ship she be. My granddaughter is still trying to talk me into buying her! A question I forgot to ask last night, how do you start LOR and VSA simultaneously so that they are in synch? Anybody within commuting distance should see this display as she won't be sailing again next year, something about Corpse Bride taking over! Well worth the 120+ mile round trip drive. Excellent display, TJ.

Now the big question, will your avatar be changing with the Corpse Bride coming on board?

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