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You have to EXPORT your configuration.

If you already have a sequence with all your buttons labeled then do this:

Open the Sequence editor
Load your Sequence file

Click on the "Edit" tab
Click on the "Export/Import Channel Configuration"
Click on "Export Channel Configuration"

Type in a name for the configuration - Example: Christmas2011, 64-Channel, anything to hekp you remember what this configuration is for. I use several.

Save the file

Also when you open the SE, set the defaults to load your configuration file you just created and it will load that file every time. Click the "Save as default" option to do this.

You can either create a new sequence to set the defaults, or you can do this manually from an existing sequence by going to:

Select "Edit" tab,

Select "Preferences"

Select "New Musical Sequence Preferences"

Then you can update/enter the info there.

Check the save as default box and this will load you new configuration file every time you start a new musical sequence with yourt channel buttons thusly labeled.

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