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Summer Heat on LOR Controllers


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I am setting up a 4th of July show this year for about 3 weeks. I normally have to deal with rain in my Christmas show, so I am all about dealing with the rain, and it is just a way of life here in the Northwest.

But since I am going to have these units out in the heat of the summer, any issues anyone has experienced. We do get 100 degree days, and granted they will be running at night, but could be in the 80's on some days.

I have 3 CTB 16 D's from last year, and I have 8 new CTB16PC's. The 3 D's are in slightly larger Plastic Cable boxes, and the 8 new ones are in the supplied LOR plastic boxes.

I will not be running huge loads, but I am running incandescents for the 4th, where I have used mostly LEDs in the past.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with heat issues. I am going to try to locate all of the controllers in the shade.

Just being overly A/R, but what obsessed light person here is not?????

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In Australia it is our summer during Christmas and can frequently get past the 100s, I have one set of controllers on the black roof tiles in a box facing west so it is the hottest part of the house, for 2 years i have had no issues at all. Remember it will be a lot cooler without the sun blasting down on it.

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Hey Guys,
thanks for the help. I obviously have nothing to worry about.

I am sure the Oregon summer here in the valley is extremely mild compared to your environments!


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