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Version 1.0 Rainbow Flood Boards for Sale

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These are the original boards from last year...after trying out one of the new (v1.2) boards with the pirhana LEDs, decided to go with those this year.

There are 5 boards, purchased/built but never deployed, details as follows:

1. One complete kit, needs assembly (spare I never built)

2. Two boards, fully assembled, works fine.

3. Two boards, couple issues: one board, had a bad trace, had to wire around it, has one red LED out. Second board, 1 group of 3 green LEDs is out, never got around to troubleshooting.

Since I was going to hardwire these, the cat-5 connectors are not installed on any of the boards, but they will be included.

Not trying to get rich on these. Last year's kits were (pretty sure...) $14.75 each plus shipping...please PM me an offer for all of them, including shipping (USPS from Florida), and I'll consider anything reasonable. I have a minimum in mind, which is a very fair price.

Wanting to sell all 5, no desire to "break up the set"...

Again, these are last years's boards, NOT the latest version that Greg is offering.

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