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Voice Activated Triggering of LOR/CCR Controllers


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I researched this website and found zero, I was thinking about having a talking Christmas Tree made of wood & coroblast (not a real tree) so when the kids show up I could have a microphone in the tree and a low wattage sound system installed in the tree, and I would take questions and answer back in a reverbed voice and the tree either light up to the intensity of the sound or have a face on the tree and create many verbal/facial expressions as the sound gets louder it would trigger different effects.

The only software remotely possible that I think could be adapted would be Brian's (Super Star Lights) "Instant Sequence" except instead of using a wave form; it could work in real time. And I think a CCR would be perfect for the plain tree (no face) just lighting up to the sound of the music and since the voice would be at different audible levels you would get a very colorful display. And for the facial expression use the standard LOR Controller. And since Brian is per-occupied with LOR III, I'm sure his input is needed elsewhere in the LOR world

Has anybody else ever tried this?


(and 10 minutes after posting this and walking away from the computer, I have this idea)

I can build a small light box controller using momentary switches & relays and just run the tree lights manually. no computer needed

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Ron Amedee wrote:

JBullard wrote

You could also use this for real time control


That is one cool program!!!! Can't beleive i didn't know about that. It looks cool on the fire sticks.

Thanks for posting:D

Some of us "old timers" know about lots of things :)
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