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16 channel sequence for 'on house' spotlights

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I have my LOR this year but I dont think I'll have time or money to work out an elaberate yard display.

What I'm thinking is using sets of spotlights to illumiate the front of my house.

4 groups of 4 spots (red,green, blue, white).

I think that it will be pretty impressive with the minimum of work.

Has anyone sequenced something like this and would care to share?

I'm thinking this sort of thing could change the house from blue to red to white to green and any combination fading up and down.

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kb9nvh wrote:

thanks, I forgot about that....

I"m looking now.

I would be nice if the number of channels was in the titles :-)

(LOL.....beggars cant be choosers..I guess)

The website organization is still up in the air. I'm not sure how the website will be organized once there are a substantial amount of submissions. The obvious choices are quality/style, number of channels, or song. You do have a good suggestion, but it means a lot of manual editing. I could change the script to list the number of channels along with the short description. But, changes like this will have to wait until after my display is up.

I always welcome suggestions, so let me know if you have any more. It's very easy to get "blinded" to the site organization and usability when you write the code for it.
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Good job on the site and its nice to have a repository for this.

As I was looking it was something I needed to know (since I only have 16 channels at this point). Maybe someone with 64 or more channels its a moot point as they can run anyones display.

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