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Projected FM sign


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This year (2010) I thought I would try a 10 foot projected sign. It was certainly bigger this way but it turned out to be dim with the street lights and other lights on.


This is the 'video' seen on the garage door
Shown with this projector which is weather resistant.

Announcement heard every 7-10 minutes.

Playing in repeating loop on spare transmitter

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Good morning

the projector light I use is the 'IMAGEPRO' from RAZTECH lighting

bought a custom slide with my frquency on it.


easily viewable from 100-200 feet.


2010 videos show the projected slide (out of focus)

the video was shot about 125 feet out.

Frank A.:)

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too bad one cant find an actual video projector that can handle the harsh weather and be fed live computer images

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