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i am really wanting to get interested in rgbs and possibly dmx in the future. i am using lor for my software. am i understanging right that if you want to hook rgbs to lor you have use a idmx

i was wondering if this would work for an idmx if

so wow this would be way more cheaper than lor idmx


what about the rgb strands would on this site as well

there are so many to choose from here is a link


i have also noticed the controlers ther is just so much stuff to choose from i dont want to end up getting something i dont need or will not work together

someone please help :shock::shock:

what am i getting into :)

has anyone ordered anything from this site thanks for any info if possible

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If you have decided to go down the DIY path there are a few things to be aware of compared to LOR.

LOR offer great warranty, support, products that have lots of R&D, UL accreditation and an easy to setup format.

DIY is more of a mine field and requires a bigger investment in time and effort, what actually may appear cheaper on face value may actually become more expensive due to the time invested and getting products that are not up to par. Warranty and support from China is nothing comapred to LOR. With LOR you get the lights, the controller and the power supply, with DIY you have to source all those parts individually. LOR do have the CCR (digital RGB strip) and soon to be released CCB (digital RGB strings), they also will have an RGB flood on offer as well soon. So LOR users will not miss out on RGB lighting

But on saying the above if you feel you have built up the confidence and understanding and want to move to DIY, the great thing is the LOR controllers work in DMX so that will also allow you to make that move whilst maintaining your current controllers.

Dan has also stated that there will be much better DMX options for LOR users in the future (im unsure when, this year i suspect) so it may be better for you to wait for that if your not confident with DIY

But be aware DIY is not for everyone and only an individual can make that decision based on their skills and comfort levels.

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thanks for the info

i was thinking about what lor might offer in the future

guess i might just wait and save money :P:P

until i figure out what i really want to add to my display as in dmx wise some are pretty expensive and are cool too

i was just trying to take possibly a short cut a save some money but in the long run i would be easier to wait and see waht lor has to offer

thanks for the input all

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