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XLR audio jack for the LOR DC3 MP3


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I recently made an audio cable to connect the LOR DC3 MP3 (really any MP3, smartphone, etc with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack) to a professional audio mixer board. Is there a need in our community for a DIY writeup? Granted a cable can be purchased but I like DIY projects.

NOTE: the Mixer board must have the ability to turn off the Phantom Power setting on the channels you connect to. MP3 payers do not like that extra line voltage :shock:

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Any info is always good

I post how to's on my site

Even if I am not going to utilize a write up I usally read it

and file it away for future possibilities

Frank A.:)

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I am not using this now but I have it saved in my

LOR library directory


Frank A.:D

what about the how to from edndee?

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Have done this may times. But, as an earlier post stated beware of phantom power and make sure it is off. It not there will be 12-48vdc on the tip and ring of the 1/8" trs with respect to the shell. IPOD's and I am sure the director will not like it. I also have a similar adapter that is transfomer isolated.


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