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My 2010 Display


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I finally got everything taken down and finished the website. Here is the web link and some video links. You can access all video through the web page also.

I am looking forward to ALL feedback, good and bad. If you have a suggestion, please post or PM.

web www.byrdchristmas.com


THX Robot http://vimeo.com/18626281

The Chipmunk Song http://vimeo.com/18626369

A Mad Russian Christmas http://vimeo.com/18625686

Hot Chocolate http://vimeo.com/18624304

Christmas Eve Sarajevo http://vimeo.com/18625454

Christmas Vacation http://vimeo.com/18626496

Wizards In Winter http://vimeo.com/18625992

Thanks Everyone for the help getting started.


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Nick, from one 2010 noob to another, you did an incredible job!!!

the show looks awesome!

Of course I really hate the fact that in the beginning of January your were finished with your tear down. I'm still thinking April or may before I can start.

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