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LOR Success Story: Business Promotion

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A month ago, in the small Oklahoma town of Vinita, I took two of my LOR units and 20 sets of blue Creative Displays LEDs and 20 sets of white Creative Displays LEDs, and outlined ten windows in the front of a new downtown business. A coffee shop. Before this experiment, their customer traffic was low.

The lights only ran at night... after the business was closed. Even then, it seemed to have a very positive effect. According to the proprietors, it increased business by 20-25%. Most of it was people who saw the lights at night, and decided to visit the business during the day. (To their benefit, they added some rope light two their two main front windows, in the shape of coffee cups.)

The barista had a different take on it. Before, their greatest length of time between customers was three hours. After running the display for a month, they are at a maximum time of twenty minutes between customers.

In this particular case, I suspect the proprietors were trying to minimize the impact of the lights. In any case, it is apparent that even though the lights attracted attention when the business was closed, it was attention getting enough that people visited the business during the day. It drew their attention, which is exactly what any new business needs.

So, I wanted to share this as a success story, and share that an investment in a LOR unit and some lights can really help to promote a business. The only change, based on what I did, was that rope based lights would probably be more upscale and professional looking. But if you get yourself a good flashing set of patterns, even if it isn't the holiday season, you'll can draw a lot of attention with a LOR unit running a show.

Followup: Based on feedback from people who saw the lights, they're going to try to open at 6am to try and cash in on the early morning traffic that they were not previously aware of.

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