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wiring lor boxes and lights

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needed advice:

plan 1 calls for all LOR boxes to be inside garage with 192 cords going out through a large pvc tube built in to the garage wall with screw caps to plug the ends for the other 11 months of the year. assuming most cords would be carring a maximum of 2 amps and teh furtherest distance would be 200 feet what guage cord could i use? ( my thought process of this would be to hardwire each cord wight to the light set to avoid water getting into the connections.

plan 2 calls for LOR boxes to be placed in a centralized spot where each 16 cords would come into the controller. disadvatage- i think would be the exposed connections

Has any1 else planned on a bank of LOR boxes inside the agrage with all channel cords going out? or should i just place the controllers at 12 different spots in the yard (192 channels)

thanks in advance. looks like the weather is going to be about 55-60 degrees for 2 days- so lots of lights to get up.


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I think you would get advise to go either way. No right or wrong answer. 192 extension cords will not be cheap if you have not bought them yet. I don't know if hard wiring the cords to the lights has any advantage. The connections can get wet and most people do not run the show if it is raining. some that have taped or protected the connection actually say they got corrosion on the connectors because any water that got in could not evaporate out.

I personally will be running 128 channels from the garage, but no run is over 100 feet and will be using modified extension cords to share the neutral like shown here.


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