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Well here I am thinking that I have started early enough , controllers all built, cabinets built , all little trees done, house diagramed, channels named. animation set up to the channels and I am stumped.

For the life of me I cannot get the program to accept the music designated for the program.

I have used Roxio, real player, yahoo, windows player, and the kitchen sink.

Frankly last night I was ready to sell all of the stuff and quit,, BUUUTTTT This morning I cannot realize defeat.

What I am asking for is a couple of hours time of someone who has successfully operated this program.

I am willing to drive to the person's home , bring my laptop and humbly find out what the heck I'm doing wrong.

I live in Huntington West Virginia, at the corner of Ohio, Wv, Ky.

Louisville is three hours, Columbus the same.

I am begging for help

Please return message me or PM me with a positive answer.

Got to get this working, the wife thinks I have spent way to much money and wants her tv room cleaned of the clutter.

Thanks in advance

Richard Hill

304-529-1637 Work ( call anytime during the day )

304-529-1688 Home (with answering machine)

304-529-1606 24 hour FAX

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Do you know what format audio file you're trying to use. If you've ripped them to .wmv files, LOR isn't pre-set to list them in the file open dialog box.

Dan suggests you use WAV files as these behave best in the sequencer, but you can still use other formats that the Windows Mediaplayer supports.

If you have ripped them to wmv, try to create a new musical sequence. When the Audio file open dialog appears type the exact name of the audio file in the filename box. Be sure to include the .wmv after the filename. When you click OK it should load the song as the audio file for that sequence. Now you should be able to continue.

I'm just guessing this is the problem. If it's not, please post details about what's happening. I'm home from work ill, and kinda lonely, so I'll try to help if I see posts.


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I live 15 min. away from Wheeling WVa. I'm sure I could help you out with a few things.

As far as the music is concerned (and Jeffmill mentioned) I ALWAYS use a free program called freerip. It will convert all sorts of sound files to the type you desire. I always change my music to a WAV. file for use with LOR.

I'm currently running my Halloween show on a OLD hunk of junk 133 mhz laptop w/ 32 megs of ram and a Belkin Tunecast II Fm transmitter. The thing has not missed a beat.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have. jeff89@comcast.net

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Bob, Do you live in a neighborhood with houses around you or out in the stix? If in a neighborhood, hows the response from the neighbors? I'd love to start putting my stuff up this weekend but worry about the neighbors.

Any advice?


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Ok I have figured how to get the music up in the sequence, but when I try to import my Channel file with the corresponding animation ( light diag.las) the program says it cannot import this, I checked and both have the same amount od channels, I don't have a time designated for the Las file.

Now what?


I'll beat this yet!!!!:waycool:

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