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Show stopped halfway through X-Mas Eve, OUCH !!


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Yep, came home to a dark house Christmas Eve. Show stopped a little after 8 PM and was scheduled to run to midnight. Same computer I used lasy year which did lock up twice, but in the middle of the day. Never the middle of the show!! Got home though at 11:30 to a dark display. Computer was making a wierd noise says the wife. I didn't think it was that odd when I went in there. Screen WAS black and moving around mouse or hitting any buttons didn't light it up so I shut it off. Turned it back on and the bigginning of the show started which is just some static lights.

Since it was going on 11:45 I shut it off for the night anyway. To be safe we licensed and loaded everytihng onto a new laptop Christmas Day. Got everything set, or so we thought for that nights show. Did a couple test runs to make sure it ran the lights. Since we where only across town I made a trip home at 4:30 to make sure I had activity. Nothing, no static lights to start the show. Couldn't see anything we didn't do. Called the wife (my computer geek) and told her, also said I was hooking up the old computer again. She said to let her know waht happens. Since by then it was after 5 I cut off the static beginning and went right to the musical schedule. Lights came on for a few seconds and then went black. Computer WAS NOT locked up. Clicked on control panel and the log came up showing ENABLED. But was scrolling an ERROR message as fast as it could spit it out. Started with the normal settings, slashes folder info and said something like your sound connection is failed?

Called the wife back and she said to get the other computer back on and she would head home. Looked outside and had at least 10 cars out front so I did it manually a sequence at a time until she got home. When she got home she thought she knew What we forget and said to go out and let people know we had to reload the sequences and it would be back up in 10 minutes, once we got the new computer hooked back up and loaded up.

That ended up being a case where we put the sequences in off our hotstick but not the ones we went through in the new computer and had brought in the media file back in to. Once we deleted the show with the soundless sequences and brought in the updated ones and enabled it it ran fine.

The older computer though is a Dell Inspiron 5100? The new one is a Compaq and has the newer version of Windows where the Dell has the one before that, so a little different pathway has me mixed up a bit. But any clue as to what is going on with the Dell? I sequenced two new songs to throw in the mix for this coming weekend and it works fine. Been in e-mails and on the internet as well and no problems. And yes, when it was running the show the internet connection was cut and it was always awake.

Lenny Ruel

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