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New years


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I need another New Year's Eve sequence or two...I would be willing to trade a Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling (one for 32 ch includes 5 running tress & 2 arches) just finished it at 1am! =) The song is 4:49 and comes off of cd or mp3 download at WalMart.com. I have several Christmas sequences too, TSO Wizards & Christmas Saraevjo, Christmas Vacation Theme...

Also looking for any upbeat modern/pop/hip hop type sequences...Dynamite by Taio Cruz...Lady Gaga...Black Eyed Peas....you get the idea.

Also anything that can be used for an up coming high school graduation would be helpful.

Its great to get ideas from other LOR sequencers. I just use the basic timing setups as guides (unless they are really off beat!) and then add 12-14 hours of alterations to fit it to my yard lights. Please send any freebies or trades to:


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