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Video camera settings

Wayne K

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Not sure if this is the right catagory for this post, if it is not moderator you can move it.

Just bought a new sony hd camcorder model HDR-CX550V. I have been trying to shoot my display several times now and I am not able to get the results I want. I live on a major road in town and I have to take video late into the evening as to not have a ton of vechiles driving thru while I am videoing. I am wondering if anyone has a new style camcorder that they are videoing there display with? I have tried many settings in the manual mode from, turning off manual focus, showing the shutter speed down, changing the white balance, changing the ae shift, changing the shutter speed, changing the scene. I replaced a 5 year old camcorder with high exspectations that I would get a lot better recordings of my display.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to set things at please advise



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TJ Hvasta talked in a thread about what setting to use. Can't find it right now. Try looking at his profile and look under post or do a search on saturation.

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