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Man, Christmas lights can make you feel good.


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This is my first year so my display is kinda small with 16 channels and 10,000 lights. Before tonight I was just a little proud of my efforts. But, tonight after my show had ended for the evening, I heard a knocking at my door. To my surprise I find a young lady (college age - others in the car) who had heard about my lights and driven over 3 hours to see them. WOW! It is gonna be hard to sleep tonight. Just wait til next year. I can wait for the LOR summer sale.

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I just don't know . . .

Late at night . . .

College-age girl knocking at the door . . .

More girls in the car . . .

I'd sure have a hard time getting it past the wife!

P.S. As a fellow LORer, welcome to the fun. I'm glad you are enjoying this addictio . . . er . . . Hobby!

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PerryH wrote:

WOW! It is gonna be hard to sleep tonight.

Well, if no one else is gonna take a whack at it...

Yeah, Perry, that is definitely in the running for the understatement of the week. Sweet young thing at the door and a whole carful waiting at the curb... I think we can all see why it's gonna be, uh, hard tonight... Ho, ho, ho!
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George is correct. The more you do this, the more you want to do. It's the mixture of art and music. In fact, it's like watching Fantasia for the first time.

The other fun part is building some of your display with your own hands and tools.

It's fun and very satisfying.

And George... Take a whack, hard, ho ho ho. Could you be more obvious?

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