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have sequence, now need get music to it

Cary D Coxwell

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With the sequence open, go to:

Edit>Media File

Then Browse for the Audio file of the song.

If you haven't already, you should put your Audio files in the Audio Folder under your LightORama folder...which should be found in your My Documents folder...

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Guest Don Gillespie

Cary D Coxwell wrote:

I have downloaded a 16 channel frosty the snowman and I have the song. How do I get the two on the same page.

Any sites for 16 channel sequences would be great.


Jim explained this very well, for other sequences you can also try this link

Christmas Carolina.
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Don Gillespie wrote:

or you could download mine!!

Download my 2009 (32 Channels) and 2010 (528 Channels) Sequences here:


Even though they are more channels than what you have, you can easily copy and paste the channels you want into your sequence. I find what takes the longest in sequencing is getting the "beat" just how you want it...

Download someone elses' sequence...

then create your own NEW musical sequence, then open up the downloaded sequence, then simply copy and paste into your new one...

And in case you don't know...just click on the first cell of the channel in the sequence you are copying...hold down the SHIFT key and hit the END key (it highlights the WHOLE channel, hit CTRL C (copy), go into your new sequence, click on the first cell of the channel you want to copy to and hit CTRL V (Paste)...

and if you have not copied the timing marks (under EDIT>COPY TIMING), then make sure you have changed the Paste By Mode to PASTE BY TIMING...or else you will be trying to paste the entire channel into one cell..and it won't be right.

Confused?? LOL... this is why it is good to start early and learn all the LOR lingo...which I STILL don't know completely!!! But I am still a newbie as this was just my second year...
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