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Hello all, New here


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Hello all and Marry Christmas

I looked for a place to post an introduction and didn’t see any so I figured I would post here.

I started using LOR in 2007 with 2 controllers, added a few more lights since then along with a 12’ mega tree. We added a third controller this year and I wish I had added more.

Last year we started using our display for Toys for Tots collection point, this year it really took off with donations.
Last night I was out side in my Christmas lights shirt and my Santa hat on greeting on lookers. A lady stop and ask if she could come back and make a toy donation, I told her sorry but we are not excepting any more toy donations since the cut off to get them turned in is Dec. 12th. She looked at me for a second and held out some cash, I told her I could not accept it since I had nothing set up to donate cash donations, she insisted on it, she told me to just take it to help with the electric bill with a smile and tears in her eyes, thanking me for the display and all the hard work.

The affection and thankfulness this women showed to me I will never forget, its makes it all worth it for me to see people like her and there children enjoy what we do every year.
The funny thing is, most people have no clue how much time, thought money and work goes into these LOR light shows, and I think if they did they would think we are all certifiable.

Any ways, first time here and I am enjoying all the great information on this site.
I haven’t taken any video or photos of our display, but I plan too now since I am building a website now too, I hope that a website will also help get the word out for Toys for Tots donations for next year.

Thank you
Marry Christmas and God Bless

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