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Just got the iDMX-1000


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LOR will never see the downstream (DMX universe) channels in use.. But LOR will see the iDMX one of two ways. (if all firmware and software have been updated in the last year)

The first is that if the iDMX address ends in 0, it will appear as 16 controller ID numbers, each with 16 channels. Or, if the ID ends in anything else, it will show up as one controller ID, with 512 channels.

Usually the easiest to deal with is the single ID, so if you have your DMX fixture set up with ID of 50, iDMX ID of 33, your 5 DMX channels for that fixture will be:

Controller LOR Channel ID DMX channel Fixture channel
33 50 50 1st
33 51 51 2nd
33 52 52 3rd
33 53 53 4th
33 54 54 5th

And LOR will be totally unaware if you have anything configured on the DMX universe on these channels, or any others, because DMX is a one way protocol.

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