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Thanks to all who helped.and 16 channel sequences to share.

Tom Clapper

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I would like to thank everyone who sent me sequences. I have had my show up and running for three weeks now. Started with THX disaster that I tweaked, then TSO x-mas sarajevo that I sequenced from scratch. but now have ten songs running in my show. Lot's of people have stopped to watch and have not had any problems. I've would gladly share any of the sequences I have with anyone in need. I will list them below and if you need them just send me a PM. Thanks again everyone for the help! Merry Christmas!:P

All of my sequences are 16 channel and are setup for icecicles, 6 mini trees, and 8 other items. I left one channel open that I use for my fm sign to light. PM me if you would like any of them.

1. THX - Disaster Intro

2. TSO - Christmas Sarajevo

3. Mannhiem Steamroller- Fairies

4.TSO - Christmas Canon

5. Mannhiem Steamroller - Good King Wenceslas

6. TSO - Wizards of Winter

7. Mannhiem Steamroller - Stille Nacht

8. TSO - Mad Russian

9. Amazing Grace Techno

10. TSO - Christmas Jam

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I would take any and all of them i just started this year as well with 16 channels and have only 4 songs i have sequenced thanks!

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