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Need help with new install

Michael B

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Hi all! Two nights ago, my computer crashed. I have a computer on loan from a friend. He transferred all my files onto it. I am running 3.52 LOR2. Here are my questions:

1. I need to install an USB485 driver, LOR software, and License Key. Does the order matter?

2. I have a disc with LOR1 I got when I bought the software in 2006. Do I have to install that and the upgrade to LOR2? What do I install if i don't use the disc?

3. My license key said that it is good until june 2010 for upgrades. I have only upgrade to 3.52 and don't want to upgrade any higher until after Christmas. Do I need to get a new license Key to use 3.52?

4. Anything else?

Thanks for any help.

Michael Beason

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I'm going to assume you mean version 2.5.2 here. :)

1) The order does not matter. I'd go ahead and install the software first, then the USB485 driver, but that's just me.

2) Just install the 2.5.2 version of software. No need to install LOR1 first.

3) http://www.lightorama.com/SoftwareDownloadPage.html <-- At the bottom of the page you can download previous versions of the software, including 2.5.2.

4) Nope.

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Thanks Don. I did mean that version. I did everything. However I get a message about serial485 and I have usb485. I down loaded the Usb 485 for xp. When I try to hook up to the hardware utility It is lookig for serial.

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1) I'm guessing you did, but you will want one controller (at least) hooked up when you go into the HWU so that you can find a port. Use the "AutoConfigure" button to set the com port.

2) USB drivers... try the following:

Make sure all LOR program are stopped and shows are disabled.

Unplug the USB adapter.

Use this link to get the USB driver installer. Download it and save it to your Desktop:


Once you have down loaded it and saved it to your desktop, double click the file which will run the driver installer. (make sure that the USB adapter is unplugged).

Once the installer has completed,
1. Run the LOR hardware Utility.
2. In the “Setup Comm Port” section (Top left of screen) click on the “Manual Select” dropdown.
3. Make note of which comm ports are present.
4. Stop(Exit) the Hardware Utility Program
5. Plug in the USB adapter (wait 15 seconds for it to be recognized)
6. Run the Hardware Utility Program. Check the Manual Select dropdown and a new com port should now be present. Select that new comm port as your show port.

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