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Don Krasley

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Don Krasley wrote:

I'm still looking for a good camera but it works to get the look out for others to come enjoy.
Thanks for looking!


I see what you mean about wanting a better camera. I did some shopping for a camera that would work well in both worlds, photo and video. I settled on a Canon Rebel T1i. Great photos and here's some points on HD video. My camera does 1080 HD video, but at 20fps, 30fps at 720HD. Also no Auto focus during video. I paid $750 at Sam's Club and comes with two zoom lenses, a nice camera bag 4G class4 SD card(not fast enough for 1080 video). The new Canon Rebel T2i does 1080HD at 30fps plus a mic jack and higher megapixel for about $750, but only comes with a 18-55mm lens. There are some new camera out there that do auto focus, but you will hear it in the recording, not an issue if you dub the soundtrack over your video.

Vimeo displays 720 HD, you can upload 1080, but it will downgrade it to 720.

The other issue I have found with my camera is you can't adjust settings for video, tonight I'm doing video at 720HD to see how it turns out for me.
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I am having the same problem getting a good video. I did shoot one the other night using the fireworks setting on manual focus and it came out the best of all I have tried. I noticed when I was doing it that one segment on one of my arches was out so I scrapped putting it up and will try again next week when I get home from an out of town trip. I don't have a really high end camera. I would love to get a better one but the budget doesn't support it this year. Your video looked good.

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I was buying the new MyTouch from T-Mobile for my kids for Christmas. They told me about the HD video camera feature and thought I would try it. I think it work very well, the only problem is holding the camera that long!.

Sample of my Videos



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samjbfan wrote:

This is my first Christmas display. 16 channels and 1 CCR. Please let me know what you think.
I shot these videos with my Canon T2i and a 50mm lense. Sound was unusable but I dubbed in the music anyhow.



Are you able to adjust your settings for video? On my T1i, I cannot. I noticed your lights are sharper than mine, but the video is a little too dark for me.
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wallleyes wrote:

My videos were shot useing a canon T1i also.I used an 18-55 lens and just manual focused.I should read the manual and maybe i can shoot better video.

We don't have much options for adjusting settings for video. My video turned out better last night using the 720HD, also didn't run into issues with the memory not being fast enough. Also shooting with still a little light still in the sky seems to help also.
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Larry Glasson wrote:

I got a Flip UltraHD to tkae this years videos. I think they came out good considering they were shot throught the windshield of my car and the audio was from the car radio (not dubbed). Mounted on a little 5" tripod and set it on the dash.

WOW!!! Great video picture
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